Inspirational Autism Quotes That Will Change Your Life

If you live with an autistic person and have to care for him or her, you will know that there are lots of challenges and anxiety to face. But I believe that there’s a moment you enjoy happiness and hope too. When you feel tired and need more strength and motivation for the autism journey, let these inspirational autism quotes lift you up. 

Inspirational autism quotes from autistic people

There are lots of famous people who have been diagnosed with autism. They might receive support from their family members and others. Above all, they fought for themselves to make the community accept them and other autistic people.

Of course, there are times they suffer anxiety, worries, sadness, disappointments, etc. However, they can overcome those negative things and have motivating quotes about autism that affect people with autism and other normal people. 

Here are some of the most popular, inspirational autism sayings from well-known autistic people.

Temple Grandin inspirational autism quote

Don’t limit your autistic kid in anything. You can’t access a duck’s ability when it takes part in a race with other terrestrial animals. All you need to do is allow your kid to explore as many things as possible. That way, he can investigate things that he loves and is good at. 

Temple Grandin's autism quotes

Autistic people might face difficulties in social interaction and communication. having said that, they have special capabilities that many normal people don’t have. We need to appreciate their differences. 

Rachel Barcellona's autism quotes

For autistic people, autism is not something that they are fighting to win, but an opportunity where they can develop their special abilities to move forward success. 

Jace King quotes for autism

You only understand this when you have and take care of an autistic person. Once you are in this situation, you will learn how to listen to their needs. Gradually, you will become more sympathetic. Also, you can identify their strengths and weaknesses.

Erin McKinney says about autism

There is nothing all good in this world. Each of us has our own strengths and weaknesses. It is important to find out our real power and promote it. When it comes to imperfection, we should not criticize it, but improve it instead. 

Autism quotes for parents

Never underestimate autism parents just because of their autistic. You can’t know their limits and creativity. They have already battled inside and are stronger than we think. However, they are humans, like other normal parents, so they will feel tired, anxious sometimes. Therefore, it is crucial to praise their hard sacrifice and motivate them to be stronger on their autism journey. Send these encouraging quotes to autism parents or to yourself if you are raising an autistic kid.

quotes for autism parents

Different kids have different characteristics. Some are really lovely and obedient; while others tend to be a bit mischievous. There is no standard definition of a normal child. And it is okay if your kid is slightly different from other children. 

Claire Scovell LaZebnik says about autism

There is no need to be ashamed of your child if he has any differences from other kids. You may not know the “potential ability” behind his autism spectrum. And your mission is encouraging his potency and enhancing his shortcoming, like that way you do as any other child.

Amanda Rae Ross talks about autism

Parents should not pay attention to their autistic kid’s disability. This way, everything only goes worse. Instead, concentrating his ability. You need to show your love, care, and sympathy. These are the keys to raise an autistic child. Additionally, you should interact with them more, but it should be in their interests. 

Kerry Magro's autism quotes

Autism parents need lots of patience when raising their kid. You can’t be mad at him. Also, you can’t force him to do something using harsh words or scolding him. Perseverance will help them to find out effective ways to communicate with and teach their child.

O. Ivar Lovaas autism sayings

Autistic children tend to see the world in a different way. Therefore, you can’t impose certain methods on your kid and force him to follow that way. Observing his daily activities and finding an appropriate approach that works for him. 

Encouraging autism quotes for moms

As an autism mom, I used to deal with some people criticizing my son because of his difference. I can feel the warmth, love, and empathy he spends for me, but he never expresses his feelings like other kids. He also loves drawing but slightly fearful and shy to show his beautiful pictures. I know, he is as lovely as other children but just a little bit special.

So, I’d like to send these motivational autism mom quotes to all mothers who have autistic kids and even those who don’t. Please be sympathetic towards them and accept their adorable kids’ differences. 

Temple Grandin autism sayings

If you only concentrate on what your autistic kid can’t do, you only make the situation worse. Focusing on his strength will make him realize that he is better than he thought.  

Angela Schwindt and quotes about autism

Raising an autistic kid is a precious experience. It is not about emotion but also knowledge. We can give him every beautiful thing in this world, but what he brings to us is more than that. He teaches us what real love is, teaches us how to be sympathetic with others, and teaches us to focus on other’s abilities and strengths, not disabilities and weaknesses. 

A A Milne Quotes about autism

Autism mom has been through lots of things. She deserves your empathy, encouragement, and more than that. And more importantly, her kid also deserves those things. 

Alicia Trautwein quotes for autism moms

I believe that a mother’s love for her kid will never change no matter what happens, even if it is something worse. It is this great love that makes her overcome anything and raise her kid become a good, successful child. 

Lexi Behrndt talks about never-changed love

The moment your kid is diagnosed with the autism spectrum, lots of things will change. Your whole family’s lifestyle can be completely changed, but your love for him will be the same as before his diagnosis. 

Autism awareness quotes

Autistic people tend to have low or no social interactions and communication skills. This, as a result, makes them different from other ordinary people. And that is probably the reason it makes people difficult to accept.

Autistic people have their own great ability that you may know. Don’t underestimate or discriminate against them. Instead, try to talk calmly and politely to them as you do to other normal people. 

Here are some autism awareness quotes that will change the way you think about autistic people.

Seth Godin talks about autism awareness and global warming

Autism is not an infectious disease, and autistic people don’t deserve to be shunned. Don’t let autism myths let us have misunderstanding of autistic people. If every person cares about them, every person loves them, every person shows their empathy to them, their lives will be better.   

Paul Isaacs sayings about ADSH spectrum

If you discriminate against one person only because of their difference, it is not fair to them. This way, you might accidentally inhibit their abilities. Try to accept them one time and you will see their potential capabilities shine.

Tony Attwood and ADHS spectrum sayings

Not all people were born with the same characteristics. It’s okay to be a little bit different. Those with Asperger’s syndrome might not be good at something as normal people, but they always shine in their own way.

Tyler Durdin autism sayings

It is the way you treat autism people that affects their lives. They are humans too, and you don’t have the right to estimate or judge them. Instead, try to understand and accept their differences, the world will become better. 

Albert Einstein sayings

You should not impose a so-called standard of society on autistic people. There is no exact definition of social norm and each person has their own talent. It is not fair when you judge them based on other people’s “ability”.

Autism is not an infectious disease. People with autism are just a bit different from ordinary one. And there is no harm or danger of dissimilarity. Even if you are diagnosed with autism, or your family member is, or you just meet an autistic person down the road, there is nothing to be humbled or ashamed of. Send those inspirational, positive autism quotes to yourself and others. This way, you will make them feel better and also contribute to the community of accepting autism. 

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