Gifts For Fibromyalgia Sufferers: 9 Best Thoughtful Ideas

It is not easy to see your loved ones suffering from pain day in and day out. They have continuous pain, which leads to muscle tensions and other tortures. Having good-quality sleep is even hard for them. So, if you are considering gifts for fibromyalgia sufferers, think of things that can help them relieve their pain, more or less. 

A weighted heating pad

Weighted heating pad for people with fibromyalgia
A weighted heating pad helps people with fibromyalgia relieve pain.

One of the greatest gifts for fibromyalgia sufferers is a weighted heating pad. They might suffer from pain in different areas of their body. These pads are designed to easily wrap any zone of the pain so that they can really get targeted relief. 

You should choose weighted models because the additional weight tends to fit the body and can provide extra therapeutic pressure. This can make people with chronic pain feel soothers. 

People living with fibromyalgia can adjust three heating modes, depending on the level of aching muscles. It can help them relax, eliminate the stress of handling fibromyalgia, increase blood flow, and gradually heal their pain. 

A weighted blanket

Weighted blanket can help fibromyalgia have sleep better
Weighted blanket can help fibromyalgia have sleep better.

Weighted blankets are not only great gifts for autistic adults, but they can help fibromyalgia sufferers a lot. Even though they spend lots of time doing their work with low energy during the day, it’s still not easy for them to get into sleep immediately. 

Having a good-quality sleep is really crucial for them because their body and mind can recover and regenerate energy from tensions, the pressure of the last day. That’s why a weighted blanket is one of the most pain-relieving gifts for someone with fibromyalgia. 

It gives them a warm, relieved, and cozy sensation like someone is hugging them. Besides, it reduces the possibility of tossing and turning (due to pain) during the night. 

So if you want your loved ones to have better sleep and wake up feeling fresh, full of energy, give them a weighted blanket on their birthday. But remember that this blanket’s weight is around 10% of human body weight. So, make sure you choose a model that fits them.

Supportive body pillow 

Gifts For Fibromyalgia Sufferers:
Full body pillow for more relaxed feeling.

Besides weighted blankets, a full body pillow can improve the sleep quality for those who have to suffer back pain. It is designed to snugly cuddle to your body and can help you sleep in a right, healthy posture. 

A soft, comfortable body pillow can make them feel relaxed and easily get into a higher-quality sleep. As a result, their muscles can rest, and they will wake up full of beans.

Fibromyalgia awareness t-shirts

Gifts For Fibromyalgia Sufferers:
A cool Halloween-themed fibromyalgia warrior t-shirt for your loved one.

As you may all know, many people have been suffering from fibromyalgia, no matter how old they are or what gender is. So, lovely fibromyalgia shirts from Hyperfavor are absolutely great gifts for people with chronic pain. 

Fibromyalgia symbols and quotes printed on the shirts will make people more aware of this syndrome. It could be about showing people that you are suffering from back pain or other fibromyalgia. But it doesn’t matter because you are a warrior, and you can fight against this medical condition. 

Heatable stuffed animal

Gifts For Fibromyalgia Sufferers:
A cute warm heatable stuffed cat is a perfect gift for people with fibromyalgia.

If you are finding something cute, warm, and comfy to give someone with fibromyalgia, heatable stuffed toys will be the perfect ones. Not only are these stuffed animals beautiful, but they are also made from ultra-soft fabric, creating mildness when holding them. 

So, they are just great for strain relief, giving them additional soothing warmth. This, as a result, helps them quickly get into sleep. 

Self-massage balls

Gifts For Fibromyalgia Sufferers:
Massage balls can relieve pain for fibromyalgia suffers.

One of the best ways to get some relief from pain due to fibromyalgia is massaging. Nevertheless, not anyone has enough money to pay for a professional massage. So, these small self-massage balls can be among the best gifts for chronic pain sufferers. 

These massage balls allow you to release pain areas on your body. You just need to lower your painful area down on the ball. Your body weight and gravity will allow the ball to relieve tight and tensional muscles.  

A gift card for a cleaning service 

Gifts For Fibromyalgia Sufferers:
Buy people with fibromyalgia a gift certificate for a service cleaning.

House chores like vacuuming the floor or cleaning the kitchen can be an easy task for us, normal people. However, these things can be torture for fibromyalgia sufferers, especially when they are in pain. 

So, a really practical and meaningful gift for people with chronic pain is a gift card for a regular cleaning service. It can help them lift off their burden, and their lives will be easier, more or less. 

Nevertheless, you should be careful when giving them this gift because it is slightly sensitive. Some people might feel offended by it. They probably think that you see them as a worthless person. 

However, don’t hesitate to give them this gift certificate, if you are close enough to them. They will feel thankful for that because they know that is the best gift you can give them. 

Gift certificate for a massage

Massage gift certificate for people with chronic pain.

What better gift to give people with fibromyalgia than a gift card for a massage. They have to suffer from extremely sensitive pain, stabbing pain, muscle spasms, poor sleep quality, strain, etc. 

Unlike cleaning service gift cards, this gift is realistic and useful. Receivers will really appreciate it because they know you give it with your heart. 

A gift that can distract them from suffering 

Painting can help artists forget about their pain due to fibromyalgia.

Other ideal gifts for people with back pain can be anything that makes them absorbed in. When they are focusing on a certain activity, they nearly forget about their pain. 

This works because the human brain has a limited ability to receive and process signals at the same time. And pain is considered the prior signal that the brain will handle since it is seen as a sign of instant risk. 

Having said that, if you intentionally pay attention to other things, you can distract these pain signals. In fact, a study has shown the effectiveness of distraction towards chronic pain sufferers.

So, consider gifts for back pain sufferers that can make them really concentrate on. For example, if they are book lovers, you can buy them a Kindle Paperwhite or simply a book of their favorite genre. Or painting brushes will definitely satisfy artists or other creative peoples. 

Wrap up

If your loved one is diagnosed with fibromyalgia, you will know how hard it is to watch them suffering from the pain every day. So giving them a gift that can reduce their strain is a great thing to do. 

Above are some ideas you can refer to when choosing gifts for fibromyalgia sufferers. Whether it is a present that helps them relax, makes them feel more comfier, warm their body, etc., they will absolutely appreciate it. Hope you will find a meaningful gift for your beloveds who have fibromyalgia. 

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