autism myths

Autism Myths: It’s Time to Dispel Them

There was a myth about autism relating to the ‚Äúrefrigerator mother hypothesis‚ÄĚ. Accordingly, a mother with no emotion or sympathy might cause autism for her kid(s). However, many scientists disapproved this myth.

Lots of studies also show that there is no connection between vaccines and autism. That means getting vaccinated will not lead to autism spectrum disorder. On the other hand, biological or genetic aspects might be important factors leading to autism. For example, if your older kid is diagnosed with autism, then his/her sibling tends to have a high potential of getting autism. 

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What Is Autism?

Signs of Autism If you are concerned that your child might be exhibiting signs of autism, there are a number of checklists available to help you determine whether or not to seek further assessment. Much information about typical child development can be found on the website of the CDC (Centers[…]

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