gifts for autism mom

5 Meaningful Gifts for Autism Mom

As an autism mom of an 8-year-old autistic son, I would love and appreciate every gift because I know that you care about me. However, if you want to find special gifts for moms, here are 5 coolest ideas to refer to.

Being a mom with a kid on autism spectrum disorder, I know it has never been easy. However, I am always proud of my son. Therefore, autism shirts for moms are great gifts that I always want to receive as it represents my life as an autism mom…

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autism aggression

Autism Aggression: Understanding The Causes

There are lots of researchers studying the connection between autism and aggression. The results show that aggressive behaviors are commonly found in autistic children with slight symptoms and low IQ. The autism aggression causes pressure on those kids and their families.

As a parent, we have to confront our kids with their aggressive behavior on a daily basis. It will be more difficult if our children are diagnosed with the autism disorder spectrum (ASD). It is crucial to understand why they behave aggressively so that we can teach them more appropriate ways of communicating instead of aggression… 

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am i autistic or just shy

Am I Autistic Or Just Shy? Let’s Tell Them Apart

I also want to give you advice as an autism mom. Try to be as calm as you can in any situation. If you are mad at your kids, things will get worse, either they are just shy or that is the sign of autism. They might have aggressive behavior that hurts you, other people, or themselves. 

Besides, spending more time playing with your children is another way to stimulate their communication skills. By doing this, you will increase their chance to interact with you. Gradually, you can see improvement, though it is really hard and requires a lot of efforts and patience.

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