Autism Myths: It’s Time to Dispel Them

There are many misconceptions about autism. To understand it, you need to differentiate the autism myths and facts. You also know that this disorder is popular, so it is not difficult for you to get information about it. However, it is more important to access the right information.

With my experience of living with an 8-year-old son with autism, I know how tough it is to play and talk with my son initially. So I will share with you some facts about autism that I learned on the internet and from what my son has taught me.

1. Autistic People Are All the Same

Fact: Among various autism myths, this is considered the most significant misconception. The reality is that each autistic person is different from one another. Autism people usually have developmental disabilities, which include social communication or behavioral abilities. This disorder also affects autism people in various ways.

To make this clearer, you can imagine that your kid might get difficulty in communicating with his/her friends. Or a person experiencing behavioral disturbances can be another symptom of autism.

2. Autistic People Can’t Express Their Feelings

Fact: Some research has shown that most autistic people have feelings and they are capable of expressing their empathy. Some even are more empathetic than normal people. But if you notice, they will show their low in a different way, which is nearly or entirely dissimilar with average people. 

3. Autistic People Can’t Building Relationship with Other People

Fact: This is one of the most common stereotypes of autism. In fact, there are lots of people with autism getting married and having fervent relationships. They feel the other’s passionate love and shared interests. 

Besides, autistic people tend to build a strong friendship, at least with their family members. Or probably they can get to know some friends and become close with them. You can visit the Arc Autism Now website to search for more resources that help autistic people build their relationship.

autism myths
Many suppose that autistic kids can’t communicate and have a relationship with others.

4. Autistic People Can be Dangerous to Society

Fact: This is another popular autism stereotype. You might see some kids or adults with autism usually exhibit their violent behavior. And you fear that those behaviors can be risky to you and other people. In contrast, they are likely to show aggressive behaviors to themselves rather than to others. 

5. All Autistic People Have Savant Abilities 

Fact: Many assume that one of the prominent stigmas of autism is having the abilities of a savant. In fact, there are some (but very few) autistic people having extraordinary skills that normal people don’t have. Some can memorize every single continent or country on the world map. Some can play a full song after hearing the first few notes the first time. And mostly, autistic people have the same or even less normal skills than ordinary people. 

autism myths
Many misunderstand that all autistic people have savant abilities.

6. Autism People are Results of Vaccines or Poor Parenting

Fact: There were, in fact, autism myths about its relation to the “refrigerator mother hypothesis”. Accordingly, a mother with no emotion or sympathy might cause autism for her kid(s). However, many scientists disapproved this myth.

Lots of studies also show that there is no connection between vaccines and autism. That means getting vaccinated will not lead to autism spectrum disorder. 

On the other hand, biological or genetic aspects might be important factors leading to autism. For example, if your older kid is diagnosed with autism, then his/her sibling tends to have a high potential of getting autism. 

7. Autism Can be Cured

Fact: Currently, there aren’t any documents proving that autism can be completely cured. However, you can improve your kid’s development using early education and interventions. One of the most common and effective ways is having your children taken a screening test for ASD. But you should keep in mind that doctors can give reliable results for kids from 2 years old. Some even don’t get a dependable diagnosis until they are older. 

autism myths
A lot think that there is a cure for autism spectrum disorder.

8. Autism People Have a Little Chance of Success

Fact: Many suppose that people with autism can’t be successful because they don’t have language skills or they have brain disorders. Nevertheless, lots of autistic kids are properly raised and become fruitful. They see the world in their own perspectives. They need people to understand and believe in their potential, support them, and they can do great things.  

Next time, when you meet a person with autism on the street or somewhere, don’t assume that they are the same as all other autism people. The truth about autism is only true when you are sympathetic enough to understand them. Don’t let autism myths make you misjudge autistic people.

Don’t forget that I always accompany you on this autism journey so that our autistic beloveds and other autism people will not feel lonely.

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