5 Meaningful Gifts for Autism Mom

As an autism mom of an 8-year-old autistic son, I would love and appreciate every gift because I know that you care about me. However, if you want to find special gifts for moms, here are 5 coolest ideas to refer to.

Autism mom t-shirts

Being a mom with a kid on autism spectrum disorder, I know it has never been easy. However, I am always proud of my son. Therefore, autism shirts for moms are great gifts that I always want to receive as it represents my life as an autism mom.

If you are autism moms, wearing autism mom t-shirts expresses not only your pride but also your love and care for them. What’s more, it tells the world that “It’s okay to be a little bit different from others”. So when you give them gifts with such a message, you are also aware of and accepting autism people. 

Actually, I think this is the most meaningful gift for me. It energizes and motivates me to accompany my son and you, autism moms, on this journey.

A cool, meaningful t-shirt for autism mom that I received last autism awareness day.

Books by autistic authors

These are excellent gifts for autism parents, not just autism moms. When a kid is diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders, his/her parents worry more than anyone. I bet they will consult pediatricians and search for all information about this disorder. 

I was in that situation too and I thoroughly understand how hard it was to find reliable websites to study the issues. Initially, I tried to find autism mommy blogs where I believe that I can find useful and hands-on experience from them.

Therefore, books written by autistic authors will be really helpful for them. Whether you are autism moms or dads, I’d recommend some of the most well-known ones for your consultation.

You can try Thinking in Pictures by Temple Grandin, Pretending to Be Normal by Liane Holliday Willey, or Look Me in the Eye by John Elder Robison, etc. You can also search for many other books by autistic authors which help autism parents understand and support their kids more.

A well-know book about autism by an autistic author.

Autism home decors

Once your kid has been diagnosed with autism, your family life will change, more or less. You will need to rearrange your house in a different way. And family home decors are fantastic things you can give autism moms.

Decorating your house with autism items helps remind every member that your family is not the same as others, but it is still full of sympathy, love, and care. Besides, as their name suggests, these things also create “diverse puzzles” in your house.  

Mugs and cups for autism moms

As a mother of an autistic child and also a coffee lover, one of my favorite gifts is a cup or mug with autism signs. I find these so adorable and love to drink water from them. Or just sipping coffee in a sweet mug makes me feel more relaxed.

Even if she doesn’t like coffee, she still needs to keep her body hydrated. You can even find custom autism mugs and cups to make the gift more meaningful. It could be a quote about autism that she loves on one side. The other side could be an image of her and her autistic child.

A cool mama bear cup as a gift for autism mom.

Gift cards for massage

Autism moms are not just a mom, but they are more wonderful than that. If I have to give them a name, including me, I’d call them autism warrior moms. 

They spend their time caring for their family as many normal mothers out there. But their mission seems to be bigger. They have to put more time and effort into parenting their autistic child and making people accept them and the autistic community.

So when they need some downtime, giving them a card for an hour (or more) massage or spa treatment will be a perfect idea. Let them rest for a short time, both physically and mentally. 

I know how hard it is to be an autism mom. However, it is a great journey where I and you, moms of autistic kids, have been doing well to give our children a life as other kids. I know we deserve all that we have done. No need for expensive presents, just a small gift makes our days because we know we are not alone. Lots of people care for us and our children.

I hope that you will find a cool gift for autism mom that you know through my suggestions. No matter what kind of gift you choose, make sure you select and give it from your heart. Receivers will be moved and fired. Lastly, don’t forget to give them some beautiful words for what they have done because they deserve it.

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